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Founded by award winning designer Pei Li in 2017, Ori Home rediscovers ancient craftsmanship from around the world and reimagines them for modern interiors. From lighting pieces which incorporate traditional Chinese embroidery to cushions inspired by the folklore, Li scours the globe for the finest in contemporary homewares before applying his own unique touches. Translated into Italian, Ori is the plural of gold, and Li likens his handmade collections of luxury homewares as lost treasures from around the globe. 

As a child I used to join my family for Chinese Lantern Festival, which was always something very special. In fact, each motif on the lanterns has a meaning. For instance, lotuses mean purity and longevity in Asian culture, and they are often used as symbolic objects in Buddhism.I combined the oriental traditional and modern visual elements to achieve a level of functional art objects, developing an approach which can be applied universally in various interior settings. The aim is to preserve and revive a traditional oriental embroidery technique; specifically the once-lost Su embroidery method and combine it with contemporary design approaches.

Pei Li, Founder

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Su embroidery is a traditional Chinese silk embroidery technique, that has been passed on from mothers to daughters for more than 2000 years. This technique is now recognized and protected by UNESCO World Heritage. To learn more click here

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