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Coral Royale - A Style Guide with Essential Colour Palettes for 2020.

Inspired by the opulent beauty of these corals, and in an effort to raise awareness about these endangered species, our new table light Coral Royale brings the tradition of coral to contemporary interior design settings.

Our designer Pei Li employs coral motifs in the new table lamp through watercolour drawings that are later transferred onto a silk canvas and embroidered by our master in Su embroidery, a sophisticated technique of hand-working split silk threads (see here > A Two-thousand-year old Tradition in Contemporary Luxury Home Decor). The two silk embroideries are subsequently encased by pieces of acrylic and integrated into the lamp. We have therefore successfully preserved this traditional oriental motif and revived the Chinese embroidery technique in our contemporary design of a functional decorative object.

Keep reading to find out 3 ways of displaying Coral Royale with the chosen colour palettes that homeowners will be craving in 2020.

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1. CHAMELEON with Earthy Tones

Natural aspects of design will be celebrated this year more than ever, for nature is not only the motivation of companies to create more sustainable products but also the inspiration for a new aesthetic. One that highlights those earthy palettes mimicking virgin landscapes, as well as aspects like rawness, texture, camouflage and balance, which characterise most natural materials. In 2020 we will find shades of olive, browns, chocolate and variations of lighter tonalities like white, and beige or pastels, which remind us of the colours found in nature. In this context of minimal atmospheres, highlighting the textures and shades of wood, ceramics, stone and fabrics, constitute the strongest trend for the year. The relaxing shine of the golden brass framing the embroidery of Coral Royale recalls the purity of unworked metal, and the intense, yet calming tones of the

silk embroidery, bring a touch of light to the atmosphere without creating dramatic contrasts between the objects present in the room and the design of the space. The transparency of the silk embroidery employed in Coral Royale, conveys

the trueness of our design intention of defining the natural trend, while maintaining the fineness of traditional silk embroidery. Coral Royale will suit perfectly in atmospheres dominated by chocolate, olive, terracotta, and clay.

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2. A GAME OF CONTRASTS with Bold Monochromatic

Bold monochromatically enhanced spaces are visually satisfying and will give you an opportunity to play with design in many different ways. Contrasting accessories are a tempting option: crimson or coral, for instance, will stand out in any shades of blue, but also in emerald green or in darker environments. If Coral Royale could camouflage in nature-inspired environments by integrating its brass and coral tones in earthy palettes, it will achieve the status of a jewel in monochromatic interiors.

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Lastly, Coral Royale will also stand out in interiors characterised by metallic accessories. Spaces with golden primes constitute the perfect atmosphere to display contemporary and classic metallic items, thereby creating eclectic and elegant spaces. Combine a wide range of metallic tonalities and finishes of different textures with levels of brightness to achieve a stylish, tasteful space, led by metals rather than colours.

If your space is dominated by jewel tones but the particular coral embroidery does not suit your interior, you can consult our bespoke services to get a personalised design in any colours to match the tones of your home. We will then design a customised, unique piece that represents your particular thoughts, ideas or taste no matter what the style or dominant palettes of your home are. To learn more about our bespoke services, you can email us to express your particular ideas/requests or to simply ask for advice if you have not figured out what colours, subjects or motifs would work best for your space. We will be delighted to help you find the perfect design for your home.

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